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Anti Scale Descaler Magnetic Water Treatment

Magnetic Water Treatment For Scale Problems,Heavy Metals With Self Cleaning Microwire Water Filter For Industrial, Municipal, Commercial Water In USA, in UAE, in KSA, in Kuwait, in Europe, in Qatar, water Filter For Irrigation, Agriculture, Industrial,

Magnetic Water Treatment, Water Treatment For Scale Problems,Heavy Metals With Self Cleaning Microwire Water Filter And Magnetic Water Treatment Industrial, Municipal, Commercial Water

The great prospects for the use of magnesium, in water due to the crystallization process, and in the course of the crystallization process. To remove from the water difficultly deposited thin suspensions (turbidity) the ability of structured magnetized water to accelerate coagulation (clumping and precipitation) of suspended particles water. Magnetization of water can be used for waterworks with significant turbidity of natural waters. 

Similar magnetic treatment of industrial wastewater allows quickly and efficiently precipitate fine impurities.
Magnetic treatment of water helps not only to prevent the precipitation of scale-forming substances from water, but also to significantly reduce the deposits of organic substances, for example, paraffins. Such treatment is useful in the oil industry in the production of high paraffin oil. 

The most demanded and effective is the magnetic field of carbon dioxide, carbonate, calcium carbonate (MgCO3) 2 and magnesium Mg (HCO3) is formed in the form of steam boilers, heat exchangers and other heat exchangers on internal walls of pipes, with the heating of water decomposing to CaCO3 and Mg (OH) 2 with the release of CO2, sulfate CaS04, MgS04, chloride MgS04, MgCI2 and to a lesser extent silicate SiO3 2- of calcium, magnesium and iron.

The high content of the salts of the salts of Ca2 +, Mg2 + and Fe3 + leads to the loss of the salts of the hardness makes water for the needs of the consumers, and untimely cleaning of the heat exchangers and pipes from the scale, which leads to increased hydraulic resistance. 

The reduction in the heat exchange equipment.
Scale has a coefficient of thermal conductivity is much lower than the metal from which the heating elements are made, so more time is spent on heating the water. Over time, energy losses can make the heat exchanger work on such water ineffective and completely impossible and can lead to an accident.


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