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Anti Scale Device for Scale Prevention In Cooling Towers

Prevent And Treat Scale In Cooling Towers, Heat Exchangers Piping Systems Without Electricty With Multi Polar Magnetc Fields. No Salts, No Chemicals In USA, in UAE, in KSA, in Kuwait, in Europe, in Qatar

Magnetic Structured Water Treatment:

The physical effect of the magnetic field on the structure of water and cations of hardness salts opens up wide opportunities for the use of structured magnetic water treatment.

Structured magnetic treatment of water is widely used for many years in various industries, agriculture and medicine.

The great prospects for using magnetic treatment and in water treatment for water softening, as the acceleration of the process of crystallization of scale-forming salts in water under magnetic treatment, leads to a significant decrease in the concentrations of Ca2 + and Mg2 + cations dissolved in water due to the crystallization process and the reduction in the size of crystals precipitated from heated water, finally to magnetic treatment.

To remove from the water difficultly deposited thin suspensions (turbidity), the ability of structured magnetized water to accelerate coagulation (clumping and precipitation) of suspended particles with subsequent formation of a fine sediment is used, which facilitates the extraction of various kinds of suspensions from the water.

Magnetization of water can be used at waterworks with significant turbidity of natural waters; similar magnetic treatment of industrial wastewater allows quickly and efficiently precipitate fine impurities.

Magnetic treatment of water helps not only to prevent the precipitation of scale-forming salts from water, but also to significantly reduce the deposits of organic substances, for example, paraffins. Such treatment is useful in the oil industry in the production of high paraffin oil, and the effects of the magnetic field increase if oil contains water.

The most demanded and effective magnetic treatment of water was in heat exchangers and systems sensitive to scale - in the form of steam boilers, heat exchangers and other heat exchangers of solid hydrocarbonate deposits (calcium carbonate Ca (HCO3) 2 and magnesium Mg (HCO3) , formed on internal walls of pipes)) 2 with the heating of water decomposing to CaCO3 and Mg (OH) 2 with the release of CO2), sulfate (CaSO4, MgSO4), chloride (MgSO4, MgCl2) and to a lesser extent silicate (SiO3 2-) salts of calcium, magnesium and iron.


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