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Crop Farming With Magnetic Structured Water

Crop Farming With Magnetic Structured Water is a cost effective way to get better growth and healthier crops in your farm with no maintanance structured water treatment.


Dairy Farming

In one instance there was a dairy farm that had cows with e-coli. After the farm installed our magnetic structured water device and started hydrating their cows with the structured water the e-coli stopped showing up in the tests.

Poultry Farming

The efficiency of magnetic Structured Water for chicken has been clearly displayed as a valuable tool to increase profits to producers and sell thier broiler birds ealier which comes to more profits by spending less on feed.

At the same time saving money on antibiotics and vaccines because the birds have become more resistant to sickness because thier body is fully hydrated by very good water.

Crop Farming With Structured Water

About the nutrient quality measured by a refractometer strawberry farmer had this to say about a particular parcel where he farmed with structured water from a Serus, "This is a plot that has been separated and only watered with magnetic structured water once so the one time that it was watered by magnetic structured water, this field has jumped by 20%.

At the Volga Research Institute in Russia which irrigates using structured magnetized water the institute reported these production increases:

  • 32% increase in Tomatoes
  • 17% increase in Corn
  • 28% increase in Winter Wheat
  • 37% increase in Cucumbers

That's just some of the increases when farming with structured water. They also reported larger onions, radishes, corn and other vegetables. 

What happens after watering with magnetic structured water?

  • Expect to use 20-30% less water than usual
  • Crops will grower bigger
  • Crops will have more nutrient value
  • Fruit and nut trees mature sooner

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