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Limescale and Algae water treatment in water fountains

Magnetic structured Water filtration with automatic self cleaning can cost effectively treat Limescale and Algae in water fountains ponds and lakes.

Limescale And Algae Water Treatment In Water Fountains Ponds And Lakes 

Water treatment in water fountains need a lot of feeding water as they lose alot of water due to evaporation. 

Where water evaporates limescale is left behind and eventually settles. The water quality and the design of the fountain determine where the deposits form. They can either be visible in the whole basin or just in the spray nozzles.

Limescale is a problem but also algae growths excellently. Depending on the environment the amount of biomass getting into the water fountain varies (pollen, leafs, bird droppings). This supports the growth of algae.

Serus water filtration systems are high flow, stainless steel, cartridge lasts 10 years, magnetic water structurer 30 years. Filter can be flushed manually or with an automatic flushing device.

Despite regular cleaning and chemical water treatment it can be very costly to keep the water fountain clean. Sometimes high-pressure cleaners are used. But for water fountains which are protected as a historic or artificial monument this is not possible. These measures can harm the surface and design.


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