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Magnetic Industrial Anti Scale Device

Magnetic Industrial Anti Scale Device for Protection Piping Systems does not require electricity and lasts 30 years minimum. Magnetic Scale Reducer for Water Treatment.In USA, in UAE, in KSA, in Kuwait, in Europe, in Qatar


The main component of the Magnetic Water Structurer is a cylindrical magnetic element that creates an axially symmetric polygradient magnetic field. Due to the topography of the field in the magnetic system, a high efficiency of the action of the magnetic field on water is achieved.

Operating principle:

As a result of magnetic treatment, physical and chemical processes occur. This leads to the release of impurities that begin to interact with each other. Calcium ions form microcrystals, but they do not form scaling, but remain in the water column, then they are carried to the drainage.

Formed early scum is destroyed, as calcium ions break away from it and join the microcrystals. Thus, the old scale is washed away from the surface of pipes or any heating devices.

To protect the equipment from corrosion, a thin oxide film forms on the surfaces of the pipes over time.

Mounting of SERUS magnetic water structured device:

magnetic water structured device can be used alone or as part of the water treatment systems. It is installed on both cold and hot pipelines (vertically or horizontally).


The main advantages of SERUS magnetic water structured device:

-high efficiency of magnetic water treatment

-complete protection of equipment from scale

-use of multipolar magnetic systems

-environmentally friendly method

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