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Magnetic Structured Water

Magnetic Structured Water Is Ideal For Human, Animals And Plants And Hydrates In The Best Way For Health. Serus Russia Manufactures Structured Water Devices For All Uses.

SERUS RUSSIA Magnetic Structured Water Devices

Conventional tap water, unfortunately, with a large number of impurities, differs significantly from the structured water contained in the body and is poorly held by biomolecules. 

 Using such water, a person systematically destroys his internal structures, the restoration of which, due to the processes of self-regulation, the body expends a large amount of bioenergy, constantly processing such water to give it a more homogeneous structure that corresponds to the liquid media of the organism. 

Thus, in order to facilitate the work on water restructuring and to save a certain amount of bioenergy in order to spend it for any other purposes necessary for human life, it is necessary to use purified drinking water, the molecular structure of which is close to the structure of ice. 

Structured water has long been used in folk medicine, where it was used as a universal remedy for the treatment of many diseases. 

It should be noted that the use of structured water contributes to: - reducing the amount of cholesterol in the blood - normalization of arterial pressure - improvement of metabolism - excretion of sand and small stones from the kidneys and gall bladder - improving sleep.

improving the body's response to taking medicines. - restoration of normal acidity. Regular rinsing of the mouth helps: - remove dental calculus - cure parodontosis - clean the tooth enamel from soft plaque.

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