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Magnetic Water Filter Treatment For Plants Crops

Self Cleaning Water Filter With Magnetic Water Treatment For Salinity In Plants Crops And Farming of Fruits And Vegetables. From 1 to 300m3 In USA, in UAE, in KSA, in Kuwait, in Europe, in Qatar

Self Cleaning Water Filter With Magnetic Water Treatment For Salinity In Plants Crops And Farming of Fruits And Vegetables.

Magnetic Water Treatment For Plants Crops Effective Low Cost Agriculture Use

Benefits to Plants

Several studies have revealed beneficial effects of MF treatment in fruit yield and plant growth. Lin and Yotvat (1990) explained that applying magnetically treated water increases productivity of water in both crop and livestock production.38 Similarly, several studies have shown that MF treatments enhance the flowers and total fruit yield of strawberry and tomatoes.

Duarte Diaz et al (1997) observed that magnetic treatment increases the nutrients absorption in tomato. Some of the main effects of magnetic treatment of seeds or irrigation with MW in plants include plant growth rate, transplant dry weight, transplant leaf area, and seed germination.

Effects on Plant Growth 

Using Magnetic Water for irrigation of squash increases the weight of squash. Bio-magnetic water is more solvent and has a lower surface tension; therefore, nutrients are absorbed greater in the water. Magnetic Water is the  water  which are treated  with magnetic  field  or  pass  through  a magnetic  device. 

When water is magnetized, some properties changed which can alter the characteristics of plant, growth and production. It was suggested that Magnetic Water irrigation could increase the germination of seed. Similarly, other field studies have indicated a significant role of Magnetic Water irrigation of seeds in improving the growth of seedling Furthermore, Magnetic Water improves quantity and quality of bean crop and germination, fresh weight, and shoot length of maize. 

Also, magnetic treatment before sowing increases the number of pods per plant and decreased plant losses per unit area. The root growth of various plant species can be enhanced using Magnetic Water Treatment technique.Muraji et al reported that the roots of maize plants have the highest growth rate under an Magnetic Field of 5 mT at 10 Hz. Moreover, Magnetic Firlds have an important influence on root dry weight of sunflower plants.


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