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Magnetic Water Treatment Molecular Structurer Of Liquid

Prevent the Formation of Scale, Remove Iron Deposition On Pipe Walls Reduce Salt Content In Water With Magnetic Structured Water Units That Also Work As Anti Scale , Descalers.

Magnetic mineral converters structure of liquid are based on magnetic field concentrators, magnetizers) are installed on the inlet to the filter of the FS pipeline to enhance the action of the filters. 

These products prevent the formation of scale, remove iron deposition on the tube walls reduce the salt content in the water. Work item emancipates composite is made from rare earth metals.

 Rare earth components are fused in the polymetallic material, acquire powerful and accurate the calculated magnetic properties. The radical difference between our devices from the rest of emanicipatory is that water acts policydata (multipolar) magnetic system (12 fields). 

They affect the water-dissolved iron, converting it from ferric to ferrous state, with the further formation of iron oxide deposited in the form of a molecular film on the walls of the aqueduct, protecting it from rust and salt deposits, providing additional protection of the pipeline, discarding excess oxides in the waste. 

 Very favorable are the effects of structured water on the growth of plants and animals. The same principles of conversion of the magnetic field used in our products as shower heads, structuring small amounts of drinking liquids and juices at home, in the systems of water supply to swimming pools, Spa installation, etc. 

this achieves the following effect on the recovery of the entire human body:

- normalizes and enhances the immune system 

- stimulates the excretion of toxins

- improves intercellular circulation of fluids, destroys the major fat formation, and helps to reduce weight

- filled the water balance of the cells in the body

- has a cleansing effect on the endocrine system and circulatory system, improves circulation in arteries, veins and lymphatic vessels.

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