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New Technlogy in Sea Water Desalination

Seawater Desalination System Using Cavitation Wave Frequency Filter Water Desalinator Is New Technology From Serus Russia.

SERUS RUSSIA Sea Water Desalination

Frequency Technologies are fundamentally new methods for desalting and cleaning water streams, which have significant economic, environmental and other advantages over existing traditional methods. 

This is a purely physical method, which uses the principle of excitation of liquid molecules in a frequency field. As a result of the impact on the water flows at the outlet of the installation, pure water of a given level of desalination is obtained, salt and insoluble solid slags. 

You can absolutely be sure that there are no purification areas, where frequency methods are somewhat inferior to traditional ones, on the contrary, in addition to desalinating salt water from the marine and oceanic world resources, you can find additional directions for their use (for example, obtaining drinking water from highly saline sources, purifying filtrates solid industrial and domestic waste, destruction of toxic liquid waste, etc.) This wide range of applications is given below.

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