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Petroleum Refining & Petro Chemical Filtration Systems

Self Cleaning Filters, Seperators Help Increase Slurry Oil Efficiency, Cleaning of crude oil from unwanted particles, Oil Refining/Chemical. & Petrochemical Plants prevent contamination from getting downstream and fouling up equipment. in Uae, in KSa, in Kuwait, in Qatar, in USA.

Attention to the heads of oil refineries, gas stations, transport and utilities

Russian scientists have developed a unique filter that has no analogues in the world, which includes an ultrathin liquid purification system and a magnetic molecular fuel conversion system (TU-3468-001-58569615). 

The basis of this complex is the main string-membrane filter (patent No. 2292937). The Soyuzintlect filter works on a fundamentally new basis, without replaceable cartridges, while the self-cleaning mechanism and design features, the “mirroring” of the filter element allow you to effectively clean the filter, guaranteeing its reliable, trouble-free operation for many years. 

Various modifications of filters have been developed, from domestic to industrial, the productivity of which is from 1 to 300 m3 / h with a cleaning efficiency of 10 to 1 micron. An analysis of the current market for sold fuel shows that the purity of gasoline and diesel fuel corresponds to only 9–10 purity classes,the filters provide filter fineness no worse than 0–1 purity class GOST 17216-71. At the same time, engine wear is significantly reduced, power is increased, and fuel is saved, which, in terms of the amount of harmful emissions, approaches the EURO-IV international standards.

If you put our filter in a system of oil refineries or gas stations, you will have environmentally friendly, high-quality fuel, without the slightest mechanical suspension and pollution, which will increase your rating and attract new consumers of high-quality fuel to you.

The principle of operation of the filter:

Instead of the usual volumetric filtration cartridge or strainer, our filter uses a cylindrical filter element on which an ultra-thin (27 micron) string is wound, resulting in a solid free-permeable membrane, where the distance between each pair of strings is 0.5-1 microns.

If necessary,  filters are equipped with a magnetic-molecular structurer (patent No. 126342, TU-3468-001-58569615). The converter is a magnetic field concentrator and is intended for magnetic non-reagent processing of fuel with a constant high-intensity magnetic field for the purpose of more complete combustion. As a result, there is a decrease in tar, coke formation in the channels, jets, engine nozzles.

The device and principle of operation of the magnetic-molecular transducer of the fuel structure:
The main element of the IMSF is a U-shaped multipolar magnetic element with eight cylindrical magnets that create a counter-parallel magnetic field. Magnets themselves are an alloy of rare-earth metals having a high coercive force, which ensures the stability of the magnetic properties of the system for an unlimited time.

Under the influence of a multipolar magnetic field, long hydrocarbon chains are transformed into short cluster finely dispersed structures, as a result of which complete combustion of fuel occurs, the amount of harmful exhausts decreases, and engine technical characteristics significantly increase.
The combination of the filter and the magnetic-molecular converter - fuel activator into a single complex gives the greatest practical effect and, as shown by numerous studies and test acts, significantly (up to 20%) saves fuel, increases engine life and, most importantly, protects the environment.

Main Advantages Of Serus Water Filters:
• High performance with filtration fineness (not lower than 1st class of liquid purity according to GOST 17216-71);
• Filters work without replaceable cartridges;
• The self-cleaning mechanism and the "mirroring" of the filter element allow you to effectively clean the filter, guaranteeing its reliable operation over time;
• A fundamentally new string-membrane filtering element with an integrated magnetic transducer of the water structure and a complex of biologically activated materials based on amber and rock crystal was used in the Filters
• The magnets located in the transducer consist of rare-earth composite elements, as a result of which an effective effect on the medium being processed occurs;
• All critical parts and structural elements of the filter are made of corrosion-resistant grades of steel and alloys;
• The use of various materials and the availability of performance options, as well as individual parameter settings, allow you to choose the optimal filter operation for each specific case.

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