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Salt Free And Chemical Free Anti Scale System

Serus Russia manufactures magnetic anti-Scale Systems for Scale build up in heat exchangers, boilers, generator cooling systems, hot and cold water supply networks, centralized heating systems In USA, in UAE, in KSA, in Kuwait, in Europe, in Qatar

The water treated by the magnetic field does not acquire any side-effects that are harmful to human health and do not significantly change the salt composition, preserving the quality of drinking water.
The use of other methods and technologies of water treatment is associated with an increase in material costs and problems with utilization of chemical reagents used in the course of water treatment (most often acids). 
In this case, often it is necessary to invest additional material costs, change the operating mode of heat devices, apply special chemical reagents, change the salt composition of the treated water, etc.
Ion-exchange water softeners use Na + cation exchangers, which are regenerated after cationing with a solution of sodium chloride (NaCl). This creates problems for the environment due to the need to recycle washing water with a high content of sodium salts. 
Water is softened also with the help of reverse osmosis membrane filters, conducting its deep desalination.

However, this method is less common because of the high cost of reverse-osmosis installations and the limited resource of their operation.
Magnetic treatment of water is devoid of the above disadvantages and is effective in the treatment of calcium-carbonate waters, which constitute about 80% of all waters of Russia and the CIS.
The fields of application of magnetic water treatment in heat power engineering cover steam boilers, heat exchangers, boilers, compressor equipment, engine and generator cooling systems, steam generators, hot and cold water supply networks, centralized heating systems, pipelines and other heat exchange equipment.
Taking into account all these trends and prospects for the use of structured magnetic water treatment in many industries, it is currently relevant and promising to develop new and improve existing technologies for magnetic water treatment to achieve higher efficiency and operation of magnetic water treatment devices in order to more fully extract the hardness salts from water and increase the resources of their work.

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