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Self Cleaning Magnetic Water Filter

Automatic Manual Self Cleaning Magnetic Water Filtration Purification for Water, Liquid Products, Light Oil Products From SERUS RUSSIA.

Self Cleaning Magnetic Water filtration for water, liquid products, light oil products

Our technology allows you to adjust the hydrodynamic characteristics of our filter cartridges (degree of filtration, performance) to the needs of the customer by changing the number of layers of winding, the diameter of the microwire, the step size of its winding,

the geometry of the slots of the body of the filter element. At the same time, these filters have minimal hydraulic resistance to the flow of the medium being filtered due to the larger filtering surface, and also due to the perfection of the pore channels (they are almost perfect). No filter in the world has such properties.

Various modifications of filters have been developed, from household to industrial, with a capacity from 1 to 300 m3 per hour with filtering fineness down to one micron.

The principle of operation 

The principle of operation of the self-cleaning filter element is based on the effect of resonant self-oscillations arising in the string membranes of hydrodynamic processes. In the process of filtering, due to the fact that the volume retention capacity of the metal membrane is practically absent, the detained mechanical contaminants cannot firmly hold onto the filter cartridge and are easily flushedf into the lower part of the filter with new portions of the filtered liquid, where are removed through the drain valve.

Inside the filter element is a magnetic water structurer. It is a special sealed capsule made of high-quality brass on the surface, which is coated with a diamond cluster based on highly pure silver. 

In the capsule, wave frequency-resonance oscillators, which are polygradient multipolar magnets based on the dim-iron-boron system, are specially arranged. Between the generators, crystals of rock crystal, amber and schungite in a compressed state are in different proportions, resulting in a piezoceramic effect (i.e., crystals of the above substances begin to emit their internal relic energy), while the wave generators are tuned to resonant the frequency of the mixture of crystals, which greatly enhances their radiation.

Water, passing along the Magnetic water structurer under the influence of a magnetic field and relic radiation of crystals, becomes softer, acquires a small homogeneous structure enriched with oxygen, and its pH value changes. Due to the enhanced piezoceramic effect, the natural oscillations of liquid molecules significantly increase, as a result of which water acquires pronounced cluster properties and healthy energetics.

The highest grade of silver on the surface of the filter element (99.999%) makes it possible to significantly reduce the bacterial component of the medium being filtered. This is due to the fact that, in contact with it, many bacteria die or are significantly inhibited and then removed together with contaminants during cleaning.

The technology of applying a bactericidal layer is based on the diamond cluster coating method, the essence of which is to change the mechanism of deposition of ultrapure silver (99.999% frequency), due to the introduction of colloidal particles of cluster (ultradispersed) nanodiamonds 4, 0-6.0 nm. Cluster materials (nanodiamonds) substantially change the process of galvanic deposition of metals, which, in turn, changes the structure of the bactericidal coating. The production is based on the ability of nanodiamonds 4-6 nm in size to co-precipitate with metals during their electrochemical and chemical reduction from solutions of their salts.

This leads to the formation of a two-phase composite electrochemical coating consisting of a metal matrix and dispersed particles of nano-diamonds embedded in it. As a result, the adhesion of silver is qualitatively improved and a complete copying of the microrelief of the surface to be coated is achieved, which significantly increases the ultimate shear and normal separation of the electroplated coating from the substrate. 

Depending on the composition of the electrolyte, the selected sublayers and application modes, it is possible to obtain with various desired properties. Such a coating, along with its bactericidal properties, possesses enhanced tri-bototechnical characteristics: high microhardness, thermal conductivity, and higher corrosion resistance. The service life of such electroplating is increased by 3-5 times compared with conventional galvanic.



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