1. Water Treatment Systems For Residential,Commercial and Industrial Use   2. SERUS RUSSIA manufactures New Membrane Nano Silver Technologies Self Cleaning Inline Water Filters, Magnetic Structured Water Devices And Ultraviolet Lamps    

Self cleaning high flow Irrigation metal water filter

Serus® Self Cleaning, high flow, 1-300m3 p hr In-Line stainless Steel Water Filter With Magnetic Structured Water For Irrigation. Automatic or Manual For Heavy Duty Great For Irrigation And Agriculture, Crop Farming.In USA, in UAE, in KSA, in Kuwait, in Europe, in Qatar

Serus® Universal Self Cleaning water filters are used in all spheres of places where water or other types of liquids need to be filtered. Our smallest filters for instance in apartments and homes our bigger filters are being used in bigger houses, cottages, farms, manufacturing (for products that require pure natural cleaned water), and many other uses which are demonstrated in this informational document.

Our smallest filter capacity is 1,000 liters per hour and our biggest filter that we currently can supply capacity is 300,000 liters per hour.

Our filters use a self cleaning membrane, which is a new invention meaning our filter cartridges do not save and accumulate the dirt into the membrane.

Instead the water surrounds the filter membrane and through frequency vibrations allows water less than1 micron to pass into the filter element and the dirty water drops down after opening the drain valve. 

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