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Self cleaning water filter for manufacturing purposes

SERUS RUSSIA Self Cleaning Inline Water Treatment Systems Are Used for Manufacturing Factories, Industrial And Municipal Water Treatment. Visit Us Today For More Info.

Self cleaning water filter for manufacturing Purposes:

Application area:
    Universal string-membrane water filter FS-100 series are manufactured by SERUS RUSSIA in accordance with TU 3697-001-78494121-2006 and designed to clean liquids from mechanical and other contaminants, both in everyday life and in the widest range of folk farms:

• water filtration in hot and cold water supply systems for industrial and individual use.

• filtration of food: milk, vegetable oils, beer, alcohol, alcohol-containing products, etc.

• filtration of light petroleum products: gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel, technical oils, etc.
Operating principle:
   Our water filters lack the usual filtering mesh or volume filtering cartridge. Instead, a fundamentally new string-membrane filter element with an integrated fluid structure converter has been developed and applied, the design features of which allow:

• significantly increase the filtration fineness

• the most efficient implementation of the self-washing mechanism due to the high specularity of the surface of the structural components of the filter element, the almost complete absence of volume retarding ability, as well as the vibration-wave processes arising from filtering in the string-membrane filter element

• to transform the structure of a liquid from a structured to a cluster-structural one due to the processing by a polygradient magnetic field

• to transfer to water the properties of amber and quartz due to magnetic lines of force, which makes it possible to impart health-improving and healing properties to water.

• Anti-parasitic microcircuit  Corrector of Functional State Koltsov. The device synchronizes our life rhythms with the Earth’s magnetic field. It is a chip-plate deposited on the outer filter housing. 

These microcircuits are in resonance with the generators of special magnetic fields, which are located inside the filtering element of the water filter.


       For effective and long-term operation of the filter, it is necessary to regularly open the drain valve for timely removal of the delayed mechanical particles and other contaminants.

      In case of high contamination of the filtered fluid by mechanical impurities, it is necessary that the drain valve is constantly in the ajar position, while the dirty liquid is constantly removed through a flexible connection pipe.

 The amount of liquid to be removed is usually not more than 0.5 -1.0% of the volume of the purified liquid.

     To disassemble the FS-100 filters in the following order - shut off the fluid supply and unscrew the lower part of the filter housing, then carefully unscrew the filter element.

    In the case of severe contamination of the filter element, its regeneration can be carried out by intensive washing in warm water using household detergents, then rinsed thoroughly under running clean water. Assembly of the filter is carried out in the reverse order.

           Activated water

It has antioxidant (antioxidant) activity. It cleans and quickly removes metabolic products from the body, frees it from heavy metal salts, toxins and other harmful substances, protects against the effects of radiation and even slows the reproduction of cancer cells and the growth of tumors. 

It improves metabolic processes, improves immunity, promotes the removal of toxins from the body, increases the rate of water-salt metabolism, increases energy resources, has a powerful tonic and restorative effect.


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