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Water Filter System For Agriculture Farming

Self Cleaning Water Filter System With Nano Silver Disinfection And Magnetic Water Treatment For Food Production Poultry, Cattle, Swine Agriculture Farming In USA, in UAE, in KSA, in Kuwait, in Europe, in Qatar

Self Cleaning Water Filter System With Nano Silver Disinfection And Magnetic Water Treatment For Food Production Poultry, Cattle, Swine Agriculture Farming From 1m3 to 300m3 per hour capacity

Agriculture uses are more than 70% of the world’s freshwater supply. Agricultural water use is under growing pressure as demands for water increase. The competition among cities, farmers, and the environment grows.

Concerns grow over large scale overdraft of groundwater and water contamination from agricultural runoff. New threats include the challenges of climate change, which is likely to alter both water availability and agricultural water demands.


-With the use of structured water in chicken, egg production increases, the body resistance increas mortality decreases, and the use of antibiotics decreases.

-The increase in weight gain (due to the removal of bacterial load and improvement in metabolism better and easier penetration into the cells, cleaning them. The excretion of metabolic products of t organism and the toxins is faster.

-Reducing costs for consumables (cartridges, spare parts for filters).

-Reduce the cost of filter maintenance (repair, change of cartridges, replacement of filters due to breakage)

-Cost reduction by 3-4 times for veterinary drugs and medicines (by magnetic water structuring).


When using structured water in animals the body resistance increases, they become less sick day by day of use until fully healthy. The need for antibiotics reduces. The growth and weight of animals significantly increases, the quality of meat and milk improves.


-The magnetic amber liquid water structurer converter creates light molecular water that easily penetrates into the cells of animals, plants and humans which contributes to the rapid growth.



At the Volga Research Institute in Russia which irrigates using magnetized structured water the institute reported these production increases:

-32% increase in Tomatoes

-1 7% increase in Corn

-2 8% increase in Winter Wheat

-37% increase in Cucumbers

• Reduce water usage by minimum 10% and up to 30%

• Reduce fertilizer usage

• Reduce pesticide and herbicide usage

• Increase yields by at least 10%

• Improve taste of produce

• Increase shelf life of produce

• Improve soil pH and remove / dissolve impurities from soils year after year

• Increase nutrient content in produce

• Increase seed germination percentage and speed of seedling emergence

• Increase fine root growth

• Drastically reduce heat stress

• Increase water flow

• Saving energy and resource

• Prevent and remove scaling from irrigation pipes

• Makes traditionally unusable saline water usable and increases water productivity

• Soil desalinization takes effect in the first year 1 / 1.5 meters

• Increase productivity and reduce disease in live stock and general animal breeding

• Increase weight and reduce disease in aquaculture industry

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