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Water Filter System With Nanotechnology Silver Particles Membrane

Water Nano Water Filter Treatment System with Nano Silver Covered Cartridge that does not need to be replaced. Industrial, Commercial, municipal Water Treatment In USA, in UAE, in KSA, in Kuwait, in Europe, in Qatar



1. 10 years without changing cartridges.

2. Clear water for kitchen, bathroom and home appliances.

3. Degree of cleaning 1 micron.

4. Bacteria removal.

5. Ability to fully automate cleaning using automatic flushing attachment.

6. Compact and easy installation.

7. The water purification system is used to clean tap or well water from harmful impurities, suspended particles, bacteria.

8. The filter is based on stainless ultra-thin wire, which is covered with a special glass sheath that prevents the build-up of contaminants. 

9.The metal cartridge that the ultra thin wire gets wrapped around is fully in Nano Silver.

Water enters the filter housing and is forced through the filter element, and all contaminants settle in the flask, from which they can be easily removed by opening the bottom valve. 

Thanks to the patented technology, the cartridge itself is not clogged and you will not need to change it. 

This is very convenient compared to cartridge filters, which require regular replacement of the filter element. 

The filter perfectly purifies water throughout the house thanks to its backbone system. 

Therefore, you get purified water both in the kitchen and in the bathroom, as well as in your household appliances, such as a washing machine and dishwasher. 

When installed before other filters - increases their resource several times. Installation by any plumber (as well as a water meter), the average installation time is 25 minutes.

The filter is installed at the water inlet to the pipeline.

Equipment: Filter, pressure gauge, FUM tape, coupling - 2pcs, documentation.

Productivity: 1 m3 / hour.
Filtration: 1 micron.
Maximum working pressure: 16 bar.
Minimum working pressure: 1 Bar.
Connection with adapter: 1/2 ".
Nominal size of accession: 3/4 ".
Maximum size of accession: 3/4 ".
Maximum temperature: + 95 ° C.
The diameter of the opening tap tap pollution: 1/2 ".
Height: 255 mm.
Height (without manometer and tap): 146 mm.
Width without adapter: 88 mm.
Width with adapter: 140 mm.
Thickness: 53.

The filter filters absolutely any liquid with a fineness of cleaning 1 micron!

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