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Water Filtration Systems For Steel Industry

Self Cleaning Inline Main Stainless Steel Water Filter Treatment Systems From Serus Russia. High Flow inline Water Filtration No Replacing Cartridges 10 Year Warranty.

Water Filtration Systems For Steel Industry

Serus main inline water filter is used for:-filtration of water in systems of hot and cold water supply of industrial and individual use

Filtration mechanism of SERUS Water Filters:

The main advantage of our filters over other filtration systems is the self-washing string-membrane filter element. It has the most efficient and reliable design for practical water purification: a body coated with pure silver, an ultrathin stainless steel string that is wound in a special way on the body of the filter element and a biomagnetic fluid structurizer that is embedded in the body of the filter element.

The industrial filter for water purification FS has 4 types of cleaning:

Mechanical cleaning

It occurs due to the infiltration of water through the thin pores of the turns of ultrathin strings of the string-membrane. Filters from not dissolved suspensions, finely dispersed impurities, colloids, colloidal silicon, organics and microorganisms.

Bactericidal cleaning

The body of the string-membrane filter element is coated with pure silver by a special technology that does not allow water to wash off the silver coating, which emits the necessary ions with bactericidal properties. It is known that silver ions die more than 400 types of dangerous microorganisms. 

The bactericidal properties of silver are 5 times stronger than those of bleach, sodium hydrochloride, and 1,700 times more than corbolic acid. Therefore, bactericidal treatment of drinking water can not do without the use of silver.

Sorption water purification

The bio-magnetic transducer of the fluid structure is built into the string-membrane cartridge, which is based on the most powerful in nature, rare-earth, polygradient high-intensity magnets. Under the influence of a powerful polygradient magnetic field, the chemical composition of water changes: iron ions in water in a bivalent state, become trivalent, forming a harmless iron oxide. 

Magnetic fields of high intensity affect the salts of calcium and magnesium, as a result of which they change their primary form into a form similar to needles. Hardness salts in the form of needles are safe, they do not stick to the walls of pipes and equipment, and are perfectly filtered or simply washed off with water. Thus, sorption cleaning removes hardness salts, ammonia, nitrates, etc., prevents scaling, corrosion and rust.

Biomagnetic water treatment 

The biomagnetic liquid structurizer (liquid structure converter), in addition to rare-earth, multi-polar magnets, contains charged, natural amber and rock crystal. About the beneficial properties of these natural elements known since antiquity. It has been proven by numerous experiments that if you place natural amber and rock crystal in water, the water molecules change their structure in the correct, original, living form. 

This phenomenon makes the water structured. When trying to conduct a similar experiment with artificial amber and crystal, water molecules do not change their structural form. 

Scientists explain this fact by the fact that, amber and crystal being millions of years underground, got their bioresonance frequency, which emits a positive biofield that can affect living organisms and water. 

In a biomagnetic liquid structurizer, the above-mentioned beneficial properties of amber and rock crystal are transferred to water along with high intensity polygraded magnetic fields. 

In addition, high intensity polygraded magnetic waves also have a positive effect on the structural form of water molecules. Biomagnetic treatment of water makes it structured, soft and healthy.


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