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Water Revitalization Unit Multi Polar Magnet System

Water Revitalization Unit H302 Is A Magnetic System Bioactive In Its Properties, Consisting Of Polygradient, Multi-Polar, Rare-Earth Magnets, In Combination With Crystals Of Rhinestone And Amber.

Serus Water Revitalization Unit, Magnetic Structured water Device is a unique development of a group of Russian scientists, based on the achievements of quantum physics. As part of the device, a magnetic system bioactive in its properties, consisting of polygradient, multipolar, rare-earth magnets, in combination with crystals of rock crystal and amber.
Main functions
• Creates a protective field. Eliminates the effects of pathogenic zones.
• Strengthens natural electromagnetism, synchronizes our life rhythms with the magnetic field of the earth.
• Enhances and harmonizes the surrounding human aura.
• Protects from external hazardous electromagnetic radiation: (mobile phone, computer, wi-fi, router, TV, microwave oven).
• Relieves a little-known, extremely dangerous disease of the 21st century, electromagnetic allergy. Strengthens the vital activity of mitochondria.
Composition and wellness components
Amber - the old Russian name "electron" is a natural biostimulant, has unique properties, restores the human biofield, gives it strength, health and energy.

Rhinestone - used for ultra fine cleaning. When processed with biomagnets, it enters into a wave frequency resonance, creating a piezoceramic effect, transferring a crystalline form to water.

Shungite - the people for centuries called it “a miracle stone”, an amazing mineral, it removes and absorbs everything that harms people, and concentrates and restores everything that is useful.

Tourmaline — tourmaline crystals are used in the medical industry and radio engineering. The piezoelectric properties of tourmaline are used in the creation of various medical products. Tourmaline is a source of negative ions.

Polygradient multi-polar magnets - a unique patented magnetic system that is created for specific tasks with specified properties and controlled fields in combination with crystals has a high healing effect.


1. It has a beneficial effect on all human organs.
2. Increases immunity, improves reaction rate, endurance.
3. Helps to enhance brain activity, the fastest recovery of intellectual activity.
4. Removes toxins and salts of heavy metals from the body.
5. Increases radioprotective properties of the body.
6. Normalizes metabolic processes in the body.
7. Normalizes the intestinal microflora.
8. Has hepatoprotective and choleretic properties.
9. Has a pronounced anti-stress effect.
10. Helps to enhance morale ‚physical strength, stamina, endurance and patience.
11. Slows down the aging process.
12. Conducts correction of indicators of cellular and humoral immunity.
13. O6 has a restorative and tonic effect.
14. Used in sports medicine.
15. Used in cosmetology.
16. Effective in the prevention of colds
17. Strengthens the vital activity of mitochondria, which is the only source of your vital energy.

Give yourself and your loved ones health!

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