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What Is Structured Water, Living Water?

Structured Water, Living Water, H302, Magnetic Water Treatment Is Water That Consists Of Super Molecules The Clusters, Cells Have A Special Molecular Structure That Can Change.

What Is Structured Water, Living Water?

Water is the most common, affordable and cheap, about which almost everything is known and up to the twentieth century, it was considered a simple chemical compound of hydrogen and oxygen. But discovering more and more new water structures, scientists became interested and discovered a phenomenon: 

It turned out that water consists of supermolecules the clusters, cells, that is, it has a special molecular structure that can change. If water is subjected to mechanical, chemical or electromagnetic effects, its molecules are rearranged and remember the information entered.

This phenomenon of structural memory allows water to absorb a variety of information, store it and exchange with the environment information wealth of a universal scale, data contained in thought, light, music, prayer or just in a word. It turns out that each water cell is a kind of biocomputer, on which megabytes of information are recorded, and if so, then the person, consisting mainly of water, is a programmable system. 

Any external factors, including communication, change the structure and biochemical composition of the body’s liquid medium at the cellular level. Even a DNA molecule is programmed, up to its complete destruction.

The biocomputer of water in each person is purely individual and a violation of this program is the cause of many painful conditions of the body. Typically, the body itself is engaged in structuring water at the cellular level, but if you eat water with a destroyed structure, it takes a lot of energy and health.

The use of ordinary structured water saves energy, helps to avoid kidney diseases, improves memory, strengthens the physical and spiritual qualities of a person, strengthens the immune and energy system, and heals the whole organism.

Achievable effects
• Filling the water balance of body cells.

• Moisturizing the skin.

• Normalizes and strengthens the immune system.

• Burns excess fat.

• stimulates the elimination of toxins and toxins from the human body.

• It has a cleansing effect on the endocrine and circulatory system, improves blood circulation in arteries, veins and lymphatic vessels.

• Improves intercellular fluid circulation, destroys large fatty masses, and helps to reduce weight.

• Vision improves, the growth process and natural hair pigment are restored.

• Accelerates recovery and recovery from illness



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