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how to get rid of hydrogen sulphide in water

How To Get Rid Of Hydrogen Sulphide In Water And Drink Pure Healthy Water Without Any Color Or Odor with A Self Flushing Self Cleaning Metal Nano Silver Cartridge. Contact Us Now!

Hydrogen sulfide is a dissolved gas that sometimes is found in well water. It is not usually a health risk, but even a tiny amount can cause the water to smell like rotten eggs, discolor bathroom and kitchen fixtures, corrode metals such as iron, steel, copper, brass, and silver, make food taste and look different. High concentrations of hydrogen sulfide in drinking water can cause nausea and other illnesses.

Ascertain that the hydrogen sulfide is in the well water and not being produced in your water heater by turning on a cold water faucet to determine if the rotten egg smell is present. If it is, the problem is the well water or less likely in the water distribution system. Sulfur-reducing bacteria are usually responsible for producing hydrogen sulfide. 

The bacteria use the sulfur in decaying plants, rocks, and soil for their energy source and as a by-product create hydrogen sulfide. These bacteria thrive in oxygen-deficient environments such as deep wells. While faucet-specific filters can remove low concentrations of hydrogen sulfide from your well water before you use it, installing a whole-house treatment is the recommended way to go.

One Filter at the incoming source of the water coming into the property with a structured water device should be installed and a FSM-2 under the sink filter for pure drinking water without any kind of odor or taste.

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