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how to get rid of iron in water

Get rid of iron in water with an addition of anti scaling done by magnetic water structuring. No electricity required! Contact us for a free consultation on the right product for you!

Iron is a naturally occurring mineral found around the world. It dissolves in ground water when water filters through surrounding rocks. 

The iron in drinking water does not create a health hazard. But iron creates an unpleasant taste and in high concentrations, a flow of rusty red water comes out from the sink taps. It can create scale, deposits of iron in the pipes, which can block water flow or damage hot water tanks. In the laundry, iron deposits on clothes, staining fabric yellow, orange or brown. Depending on the concentration of iron, more than one removal option may be necessary.

With our Water filter and structured water device the presence of iron will be eliminated for the entire property.

The principle of the operation of the new magnetic water softening apparatus is based on the complex multi-factorial action of the magnetic field generated by the permanent magnets on hydrated metal cations dissolved in water and the structure of hydrates and water associates, which leads to a change in the rate of electrochemical coagulation (coalescence and coarsening) charges of dispersed particles in the stream of magnetized liquid. In the process of magnetic treatment of water, several processes occur:

-displacement by the electromagnetic field of the equilibrium between the structural components of water and hydrated ions.

-increase of the crystallization centers of the dissolved in water in a given volume of water.

-change rate of the coagulation and sedimentation of dispersed particles in the liquid flow.

The anti-scale effect in the magnetic field, the duration of its stay in the magnetic field, and other factors. In general, the anti-scale effect in the magnetic treatment of water is enhanced with an increase in the temperature of the treated water; at a higher content of cations Ca2 + and Mg2 + with an increase in the ph of water as well as with a decrease in the total mineralization of water.
Constant magnets based on modern powdered carriers alloys of rare earth metals of neodymium (Nd) iron (Fe), titanium (Ti) and boron (B) are used in the design of SERUS magnetic structurering devices. Magnets from rare earth alloys have a long service life of more than 30 years, a magnetization of 1500-2400 kA / m and residual induction of 1.2-1.3 T a magnetic field of energy of 280-320 kD / m3 and do not loose their properties when heated to 180 celcius and higher.

The main element of the magnetic converter is a multi-pole magnet of a cylindrical shape creating a symmetrical magnetic field, the axial and radial components of which change direction from a pole to a pole of the magnet to the opposite direction.

Due to the proper arrangement of magnets, the formation of high-gradient magnetic fields transverse with respect to the water flow, the maximum efficiency of the magnetic field.

As a result, the crystallization of the scale-forming salts of the, does not occur on the walls of the heat exchangers, but in the liquid volume in the form of a finely dispersed suspension, which is removed by the flow of water into special settling tanks or mud collectors installed in any heating system, hot water supply, and also in technological systems for various purposes.
The optimum interval of water flow velocity is 16 m atm. The service life is more than 30 years.

These devices can be installed both in industrial and domestic conditions: in lines supplying water to water supply networks, boilers, instantaneous water heaters, steam and water boilers, water heating systems of various process equipment ..)

Developed by our engineers, magnetic structured water devices produced in our production are designed for water flow from 1 to 2200 m3 / hour on pipelines with a diameter of 25 - 400 mm with flanged (top) and threaded (bottom) connections. Magnetic converters for CHP plants with pipe diameters of 800-1600 mm and water flow rates of 5000-17000 m3 per hour.

Modern devices for magnetic water treatment based on permanent rare earth magnets are used to prevent scale; to reduce the effect of scale formation in hot and cold water supply lines of general economic, technical and domestic use, heating elements of boiler equipment, heat exchangers, steam generators, cooling equipment, etc

focal to prevent corrosion in pipelines of hot and cold water supply for general economic, technical and household purposes.
Clarification of water (for example, after chlorination)

In this case, the rate of precipitation of scale-forming, increases by 2-3 times, which requires settlers of a smaller capacity;

 To increase the filter cycle of chemical water treatment systems the filter cycle is increased by 1.5 times with a decrease in the consumption of heat exchangers.

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