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Save Money On Filter Cartriges With New Technology In Water Treatment. Fully metal Water Filters. For Home, Municipal, Irrigation, Farming And Industrial Purposes In USA, in UAE, in KSA, in Kuwait, in Europe, in Qatar

Save Money On Filter Cartriges With New Technology In Water Treatment. Fully metal Water Filters. For Home, Municipal, Irrigation, Farming And Industrial Purposes

Ultrathin mechanical cleaning SERUS water filter
The household filter of a serus qualitatively purifies water in the apartment of the house.

The filtration rate of water starts at 1000 liters per hour or 16 liters per minute.

Smallest water filter is for 1000 liters per hour and biggest for Industrial capacity is for 300,000 liters per hour.

Our filtration systems provides four degrees of purification, each of which performs a specific function.
The fine mechanical filtration of water of 1 micron makes it possible to completely clean the liquid from almost all mechanical impurities (sand,rust,various impart salts of hardness iron heavy metals, turbidity)

Competitive advantages of Nano Silver String Membrane Water Filters
Conventional filters do not ensure the safety of the cartridges because they take in all incoming contamination.

As a result, the cartridge quickly fails, after which a replacement is required, and the ego passport efficiency is ensured only during the first time of operation. This implies constant expenditure during maintenance and replacement of cartridges.

The principle of a string membrane membrane element is unique in that it does not need to be replaced cartridges with constant maintenance and additional operating costs.

The membrane-membrane technology differs from filtering with nets in that in ordinary filter elements the dirt gets stuck in the filter body, which serves as the basis for the formation of pathogenic microflora, as a result of which people drink bacterially contaminated water
There is no deep pores in a stringed membrane cartridge as in ordinary woven as in ordinary woven or sintered filter elements where contaminants can wedge inside and will not be amenable to regeneration.

The string membrane filter element is constructed on different principles. The thickness of the strings of the filter element is 0.3 microns; the distance between the strings may change in the process of winding from 1 to 10 microns depending on the characteristics and degree of contamination of the water being purified.

Contaminants linger on the external contour of the string membrane screen without the possibility of penetrating into its structure and do not have the physical ability to penetrate the purified water received by the consumer.

Filtered pollutants accumulate in the flask and are periodically washed away when the drain valve is opened. Dumping can be manual or automatic. Automatic flushing ensures complete operation without consumer intervention.

The MicroWire Filter Cartridge provides 3 degrees of water purification:
1st stage cleaning.
Fine mechanical cleaning with string membrane filter element serus provides filtering of microparticles up to 1 micron.

The filter is able to retain hardness salts, dissolved iron salts of organic heavy metals; coax sand of dusty fractions of manganese and other impurities; this significantly improves the organoleptic properties of water (turbidity, color, smell, taste).

2nd step cleaning.
Bactericidal cleaning - in the serus filters galvanic silver coating technology is used. Water saturated with silver ions inhibits pathogenic bacteria and pathogens of infectious diseases. The bactericidal properties of silver are several times stronger than those of bleach and carbolic acid. More than 400 types of dangerous microflora are inhibited and die under the influence of silver ions. Bactericidal treatment of drinking water using silver effectively destroys bacteria and protects the body from pathogenic microflora.
3rd stage cleaning.
Biomagnetic treatment using a magnetic converter built into the filter intended for softening water, preventing the appearance of yellowness and scale on household appliances. The magnetic converter ensures the safety of the boiler, washing machine, dishwasher, shower, kitchen, bathroom fixtures and cleanses the previously formed calcium, magnesium and iron deposits.
Changing the structure of water will make it softer and more harmless to household appliances, kettle, washing machine or water heater. Thus, water becomes useful because elements of rust or calcium salts do not enter the human body or the internal walls of household equipment.

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