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production of silver and gold water

Serus Russia is a manufacturing Company for water filter systems, Magnetic structured water devices, Manufacturing Production Line Of Silver And Gold Water

Manufacturing Production Line Of Silver And Gold Water

Product production: 

A colloidal solution of silver and gold nanoparticles, intended for widespread use, is viewed as the only real alternative to toxic chemical analogues (antibiotics and disinfectants), which have found the widest use nowadays.

• Production area: 400m2
• Number of shifts: 1 shift (8 hours);
• Line capacity per shift: 12,000 liters (8,000 bottles of 1.5 liters each)

Technology of production of silver and gold water

For a start, let's briefly present the technological chain of mineral water production:

1. The accumulation of water in the receiving tanks. Mineral water from wells (300-400m) is lifted by means of a submersible pump and is fed through pipelines into storage tanks.

2. Filtering. Water filtration is carried out on a filtering unit filled with sand and filtration material.

3. Disinfection. Water disinfection is carried out by ultraviolet rays in the UV installation.

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