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water treatment for livestock farming

Water Treatment For Livestock Farming With Magnetic Structured Water Is A Permanent Solution That Is Cost Effective And Reliable Without Replacing Water Filter Cartriges.

water treatment for livestock farming, poultry, dairy and crops

Agricultural production is one of the most basic elements contribute to the economic income and food security, despite the problems that accompanied such as lack of water, desertification, salinity and low yield. 

These problems can be remedied relatively using a technique of magnetic treatment of water. This technique has become the focus of researchers compared the ways physical and other chemicals, as provided by the purity of the environmental and health safety and easy to use. 

The status of water molecules within a magnetic field leads to change or break down hydrogen bonds between molecules. This leads to change the properties of water, such as electrical systems, increasing the proportion of oxygen dissolved in water, increase the ability to dissolve salts and acids, polymerization, the surface tension, change in the speed of chemical reactions, properties of evaporation, moisture, elasticity, electrical insulation and increased permeability. 

So bring the water with energy, vitality and-flowing than it was. Later, these changes will affect on the qualities of the material that enters the structure through its effect on the qualities physica or in chemical or physiological processes and biochamical. 

Graduate studies, as well as seminars in the ministries of agriculture, science and technology, as well as research carried out during the last 30 years wee indicated to the positive role of the water treated magnetically to provide the amount of seed necessary for sowing, shorten the growth phase, reduce plant diseases, increase the yield, the provision of water used for irrigation, contribute to the processing of nutrients, increased soluble fertilizer added, and wash the soil fom salts. 

That on going studies in this area was to understand this phenomenon and take advantage of the applied fields, the fact that physical ways are effective, cheap, and increase the yield without cause any damage to the environment.

In the agricultural sector of crop growth using our filtration and structured water shows around a 20% increase in the grop gains , this is due to the breakdown of water clusters into smaller clusters in the water that become rich in oxygen and are much more easily penetrated and this goes the same for humans, animals and plants.

All our products are based on quantum biology techniques for water filtration and changing water molecules for the making of water that is structured.

It would be best if we know what exactly you would need to achive for me to be more specific in what we can suggest and assist you with.

It is a scientific fact that the use of Our products to treat irrigation water will improve water productivity and thus lead to significant water savings. In the context of current and future water scarcity, even a small savings in irrigation water (conservatively say 5%) through nano filtration and structurization treatment will translate to huge savings nationally.
Scientific studies have shown Our technology can be put in practice by farmers to improve water productivity, save water, minimize the occurrence of TDS and metals and sustain the health of the environment. The technology has proven to make use of lower quality waters (effluent and saline water) more sustainable and overall will augment water supplies for agricultural purposes. In general, the use of our technology will help improve long-term viability of the agricultural industry and sustainable economic development in both urban and rural areas.

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